By:  Vida L. Thomas

Conducting workplace investigations is not easy.  The process is filled with land mines that can trip up even the most experienced investigator.  Although there are many mistakes I’ve seen investigators make, these are the three most common.

Trap #1: Failing To Define The Investigation’s Scope Before You Begin.

Investigations are tricky

Join the attorneys from Weintraub Tobin’s Workplace Investigations Unit (Vida Thomas and Lizbeth West) for this one-day, in-depth training on conducting effective workplace investigations. Whether you are new to investigations or want to expand your investigatory skills, this training is for you. Topics include:L&E2015

  • The legal duty to investigate
  • Selecting the right investigator
  • Recognizing your

Summary of Program

Join the attorneys from Weintraub Tobin’s Workplace Investigations Unit (Beth West, Vida Thomas and Meagan Bainbridge) as they discuss the fundamentals of an effective workplace investigation.LaborEmpSeminarLogo

Program Highlights

  • The duty to investigate
  • Determining who will do the investigation
  • Recognizing your own biases
  • Tips for conducting the investigation
    • Preparation
    • Conducting and documenting witness

The Labor and Employment Law group is proud to announce the addition of Vida L. Thomas to our team.  An AV-rated attorney who has practiced employment law for over 20 years, Vida has recently joined Weintraub Tobin as Of Counsel and will head up the Firm’s workplace investigations unit.  She began her career at Kronick