FMLA and Other Leaves of Absence

There are a number of statutes in California that grant eligible employees the right to take a leave of absence for various reasons. SB848 creates a new leave of absence entitlement under CA law regarding reproductive loss. Lizbeth “Beth” West and Shauna Correia review this new protected leave in this episode of California Employment News.Continue Reading California Employment News: SB848 – Protected Leave for Reproductive Loss

California recently amended its sick leave law, the Healthy Families Healthy Workplace Act, by increasing paid sick leave accrual mandates and sick time cap amounts. Lizbeth (“Beth”) West and Shauna Correia discuss these changes on this episode of California Employment News.

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Existing California law provides employees with the right to take paid and unpaid leaves to care for certain family members when they need the employee’s assistance to obtain medical treatment, diagnosis, or preventative care.  On September 29, 2022, Governor Newsom signed into law AB 1041, which adds a “designated person” to the list of individuals for whom an employee may take California Family Rights Act or use paid sick leave.
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