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Settling Employment Law Claims: You, the Employee,…….and the IRS?

Posted in Labor Law, Wage & Hour

By:  Shauna N. Correia Many of our employer clients and their in-house counsel recognize that most of the claims paid in an employment settlement are taxable income for the employee. Employers therefore, wisely require that at least some of the settlement payment to the employee be made in the form of a payroll check, with applicable… Continue Reading

Employers Beware – The Crackdown Continues

Posted in New Legislation and Regulations, Wage & Hour

The State of California Signed an MOU with the Federal Department of Labor Together They Will Locate and Punish Those Who Misclassify Independent Contractors By: Lizbeth V. West, Esq. In my November 4, 2011 post, I discussed a new California law (Labor Code § 226.8) that imposes serious monetary fines and other sanctions against those… Continue Reading