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Obama’s Overtime Rule Struck Down By Court

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A Texas federal court struck down a rule that would have expanded those eligible for overtime pay.  The Department of Labor’s rule would have required overtime pay to most salaried employees who earn less than $47,476 annually.  This would have been a dramatic increase from the current salary level of $23,660.  The rule was expected… Continue Reading

Governor Brown Signed AB 2103 to Make Clear that “MUTUAL WAGE AGREEMENTS” ARE ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA

Posted in Employment Contracts and Agreements, Labor Law, New Legislation and Regulations, Wage & Hour

By:   Lizbeth V. West, Esq. As the L&E Law Blog readers may recall from the August 31, 2011 blog post and the teleseminar I conducted on September 14, 2011, the court in Arechiga v. Dolores Press, Inc. (2011) 192 Cal. App. 4th 567 was the sole California decision that held that “mutual wage agreements” were legal… Continue Reading