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WEBINAR – How To Become Nancy Drew: Conducting An Effective Workplace Investigation

Posted in Discrimination, Employee Privacy Rights, Harassment, Labor Law, Retaliation and Wrongful Termination

Summary of Program

Join Weintraub Tobin employment attorney, Beth West, as she discusses the fundamentals of an effective workplace investigation.

Program Highlights

  • The duty to investigate
  • Determining who will do the investigation
  • Tips for conducting the investigation
    • Preparation
    • Witness Interviews
    • Documentation
  • The consequences for a poorly planned or incomplete investigation
  • The consequences for failing to investigate

Date:    July 17, 2014

Time:  12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

To register for this webinar, please email Ramona Carrillo at  For additional information, visit our website at and click on the News and Events tab.