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California Employers – Revised Wage Orders Posted

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The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) updated all but Wage Order 14 and 17 recently.  The DIR regulates wages and hours for employees.  The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) enforces the provisions of the wage orders, including the posting requirements.  The Wage Orders are numbered 1 through 17. The most recent updates were… Continue Reading

Push Back On Local Minimum Wage And Paid Sick Leave

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Over the past several years, many municipalities have taken labor and employment matters into their own hands, passing local laws requiring a higher minimum wage or paid sick leave beyond that required by the state or federal government.  Florida and Pennsylvania are pushing back on these local laws. On February 12, 2015, Philadelphia instituted an… Continue Reading

Commissioned Employees Required to Receive Separate Compensation for Rest Breaks

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A California appellate court ruled this week in Vaquero v. Stoneledge Furniture, LLC (No. B269657, filed February 28, 2017) that employees paid on commission are entitled to separate compensation for rest breaks.  In a decision that frustrates employers that view the employment relationship through the lens of contract law, the Vaquero Court held that Stoneledge’s… Continue Reading

Washington Raises Minimum Wage And Provides Paid Sick Leave

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In November 2016, Washington voters approved Initiative Measure No. 1433 (“IM 1433”) which provides for an incremental increase to the state minimum wage as of January 1, 2017 and also provides for paid sick leave benefits beginning January 1, 2018.  The stated intent behind IM 1443 is expressed in the initiative as follows: “BE IT… Continue Reading

California Increases Minimum Wage – Prepare Now to Avoid Future Liability!

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California lawmakers, union supporters, and Governor Brown have come together to increase California minimum wage to $15.00 over the next several years.  Governor Brown signed the law only one week after he announced that legislators and labor leaders negotiated a deal behind the scenes. The new law requires California employers with more than 25 employees… Continue Reading

California’s Minimum Wage Increase: The Impact May Be Broader Than Employers Think

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Effective January 1, 2016, California has increased its minimum wage from $9 per hour to $10 per hour. This is the second increase to the state minimum wage in the past year and a half. Remember, the obligation to pay minimum wage cannot be waived by any agreement, including collective bargaining agreements. Employers must examine… Continue Reading

Happy New Year (to California Employees)

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The year-end holidays tend to be a time when employers and employees are either winding down for the year or making one last big push to close the year strongly.  California employers should make time this week, though, to ensure they are ready for the new laws which will take effect in California this Friday… Continue Reading

Oakland Voters Pass Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Ordinance (Proposition FF)

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On November 4, 2014, Oakland voters passed measure FF.  This measure establishes a minimum wage in the City of Oakland to $12.25 per hour beginning March 2, 2015.  This brings Oakland’s minimum wage increase in line with San Francisco’s minimum wage, which also increases to $12.25 effective May 1, 2015.  Proposition FF also requires that Oakland… Continue Reading

DOL Racing California to a Minimum Wage Ceiling: $10.10 Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors via Proposed Rule Implementing Exec. Order 13658

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On June 12, 2014, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez announced a proposed rule raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour starting on January 1, 2015, for workers on federal service and construction contracts. The proposed rule implements Executive Order 13658, “Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors,” which President Barack Obama signed on February 12.

Remember Minimum Wage Increases on July 1, 2014 And So Does Your Weekly Salary Obligation for White Collar Exempt Employees

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On July 1, 2014, California’s minimum hourly wage will increase from $8.00 to $9.00 per hour.  The minimum wage will increase again on January 1, 2016 to $10.00 per hour.  Most employers are aware of the increase and are prepared to comply by paying their minimum wage workers $9.00 per hour starting July 1, 2014. … Continue Reading

Notice To Employers – Audit Your Compensation Plans Based On The Increase To California’s Statutory Minimum Wage

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By: Lizbeth V. West, Esq. On September 25, 2013 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 10 into law. Under the new law the statutory minimum wage for California employees will increase from $8 per hour to $9 per hour as of July 1, 2014. Then, on January 1, 2016, the statutory minimum wage will increase to $10… Continue Reading

San Jose Joins San Francisco in Adopting Its Own Minimum Wage Requirement

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By:  Meagan D. Christiansen On November 6, 2012, nearly sixty percent of San Jose’s residents voted to raise San Jose’s minimum wage to $10.00. In doing so, San Jose became the fifth city in the United States to institute a higher minimum wage than otherwise required, joining San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Albuquerque and Santa Fe…. Continue Reading

San Francisco: Incubator for Bad Employment Laws

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laborDriving across the San Francisco Bay Bridge still provides one of the most beautiful views of any City I have seen in the United States. However, once off the bridge, you witness business owners besieged by a Frankenstein type laboratory of unfriendly employment laws. There is little doubt in my mind that, but for the view from… Continue Reading