It is a truism that preliminary injunctions are “rare” and “exceptional” remedies.  But rarity is context specific.  As a percentage of cars made, Cobra GTs are rare.  If you are standing in the plant where they are made, however, they are anything but rare.  So, while it may well be true that preliminary injunctions, as

One of the key pieces of evidence a plaintiff in a trade secret case usually looks for is the downloading of company information from its computers prior to a former employee departing and joining a competitor.  Generally, this “smoking gun” type of evidence shows that the employee on his or her last day accesses and

An employee of a Bay Areas executive recruiting firm who left to start his own firm was sentenced to one year in prison after being found guilty of trade secret theft and unauthorized computer access crimes.  David Nosal was a former managing director at Korn/Ferry International and left in 2004 to start his own firm.