On October 21 2011, Groupon, Inc. sued two former sales managers who left their employment with Groupon to join a competing venture, Google Offers, which was allegedly started by Google after its unsuccessful attempt to buy Groupon. The lawsuit, which was filed in Chicago, Illinois, accuses the two former employees of breaching their employment agreements

In September 2011, a federal jury in Virginia awarded DuPont $919.9 Million in a trade secret misappropriation case.  DuPont brought the case against Kolon Industries, a South Korean competitor, claiming that Kolon misappropriated 149 of its trade secrets relating to its aramid fiber technology, which is used in products such as Kevlar body armor.  The

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”), enacted in 1984 was the first federal law to address computer crime.  It originated as a criminal statute and initially was directed only to important federal interest computer crimes.  As information technology and applications increased exponentially over the next two decades, so did the scope of the CFAA.